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Loudoun County Visits

posted Aug 10, 2012, 7:12 PM by Jen Weigel
Joan and I had a great time visiting Loudoun County Affiliates yesterday. 

Before making it out there, we made a pit stop to visit Dr. Ryan Doran, but he was out of the office.  He's close to the Tysons office, so hopefully I'll get another chance to stop by soon.

Dr. Burt Kraft recently visited our office, so it was only fitting that I visit his.  I get this feeling like he could tell me a lot of funny stories about Joan.  If this is true, please tell!

A short hop on the DTR, and we found ourselves in Loudoun County. 

Dr. Alicia Boyles
' office was quick to schedule their Fall Consult Night.  Consult nights are a great way to promote your practice's refractive surgery co-management skills.  There are many benefits of having a consult night.  Your patients get to meet Dr. Holzman and our staff personally.  Plus, your staff will receive education on how to speak effectively about laser vision correction with your patients.

It was great to visit my old stomping grounds at Dr. Rob Allen's office.  I had fun loading everyone's mailbox with CXL information while Joan set up a staff training session for the Ashburn office.  If you think your staff might enjoy a personalized staff training, Joan and Nicole are more than prepared to provide this complimentary service to you.  Just let them know what your needs are!

While we thought we were going to miss Dr. Allyssa Nguyen (I had thought it was her day off), she was actually in the office.  I can't believe that I just met her this year because it seems like I have known her for a while yet.  That has got to be one of the coolest things about this job:  Getting to know other optometrists in this area.

We capped the day off with a first-ever visit to Dr. Sheeba Mohanan.  New Affiliates are ALWAYS welcome to visit the Center, even if they are not new to LASIK co-management.  It's super easy to schedule a visit to the center.  Just look at the surgery schedule under Calendar.  Once  you find a surgery date that fits with your schedule, e-mail Joan, Nicole, or myself.  Or, you can also do it online under the Request Information page. 

It is also worthy to note that Joan did a fabulous job parallel parking.  Totally made up for the major curb check earlier in the afternoon.  : )

Can't wait to go out with you again soon, Joan!   - jw