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Route 7

posted Mar 24, 2013, 10:23 AM by Jen Weigel
The last time Nicole and I tried to tackle Route 7 to visit Affiliates, we struck out on a lot of our visits, so undefeated and spirits high, we set out to conquer Route 7 again last Wednesday with much better luck!

Dr. Robert Krause of Sterling is wonderful for many reasons with one specific reason coming to mind:  He's updated his corporate TLC website profile so that patients can find him easily.  From what I've seen, it's a simple process to update one's Affiliate profile.  Once it's there, the web traffic that hits the corporate page will help direct patients to your practice!  We also had a chance to discuss corneal scars and how that affects a patient's candidacy for LASIK.  Most isolated, small, faint scars are able to have IntraLase just fine.  Denser, more central, and more numerous scars might point more to PRK as a procedure of choice.

Next, we met up with Dr. Amy Berg who is in the process of becoming an Affiliate.  She had most of her paperwork completed, but she had wondered about on-call coverage.  If your office does not provide on-call coverage or if you're going on vacation so you cannot provide your routine after-hours coverage, just let your TLC patients know to call our Tysons Corner on-call number.  It's rare that we'll get anything more than your run-of-the-mill pharmacy calling to ask for a substitution or refill request.  Also, we love to have all new Affiliates visit the Center to observe Dr. Holzman in action!  Check out the Calendar here to see when would be a great time to visit the Center on a Dr. Holzman surgery day. 

Dr. Julie Chung was kind of enough to meet with us even though she was about to head out for lunch.  Thank goodness she forgot hers for the day + Nicole and I were starving = food for lunch!  We had a great time catching up on details, as Dr. Chung and I had already met many times before, but this was our first "official" TLC visit together.  The soup was so awesome ... not only did it help on such a windy day, but the flavors were the best!

We didn't get to see Dr. Peyam Mojallal, but I did really enjoy meeting his office manager Cathy.  She is one creative cookie!  She decorated most of the things in the patient waiting area that I found to be appealing.  Check out the monkey card holder below that she modified with an eye health message!  Also, Cathy is a sweetheart that addresses everyone by names like Sweet Pea or Love.  Reminds me of being in the South!  Love it!

Our last stop before heading home was Dr. Kathleen Clary.  Dr. Clary has visited the Center in person before.  We had an interesting discussion about maintaining a practice's online presence.  Dr. Holzman has been doing this for a while now.  He has a huge presence on Google Reviews.  Have you seen them?  It's one consistently positive review after another.  That just reflects his careful surgical skill that prompts Affiliates to refer patients to him time and time again.  - jw