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Sterling and Falls Church, VA

posted Dec 9, 2012, 7:05 PM by Jen Weigel
Nicole and I went out to visit practices on Friday.  Maybe I should say we tried to visit practices.  Our batting average must have been about 0.500 (before you conclude that I am good at baseball, note that I referenced the Wiki page for "batting average" to see that this stat is quoted out to three decimal places) because we saw just as many docs as we missed.  The docs we actually saw made all of our efforts worthwhile!

We started out in Sterling with Dr. Richard Kao.  This was the first time that I have seen the new blue TLC promo materials.  Dr. Kao made a good point:  Should you direct patients to the official TLC corporate website or Dr. Holzman's professional website?  I think giving your patient both websites would be optimal because the two websites have common but different information.  The brochures will have the official TLC corporate website information on it.  Give your patient Dr. Holzman's business card, too, because it will have info on his professional website.

When we caught up with Dr. Phillip Steiner in Falls Church, we literally caught up with him right as he was heading out of the office.  Dr. Steiner had actually seen a one-day post-op LASIK patient earlier.  A moderate myope doing well at 20/20 OD and OS!  I loved talking about Memphis versus Texas BBQ, but as a native Texan, you know where my loyalties lie.

We were able to fill up Dr. Ted Chen's brochure display on our visit to is Falls Church office.  If you ever are running low on brochures, feel free to let us know at any time!  You can even use this website to request promotional materials.  When we were leaving the Target next to Dr. Chen's office, three police cars rolled up to investigate a problem.  All I gotta say is, "It wasn't us!"

Dr. Steve Beck of Falls Church had a mad rush of patients right after Thanksgiving, and his office is geared up for FSA season until the end of the year.  Did you know that TLC Tysons Corner also has an FSA season?  We are super busy right now seeing patients that are trying to use their 2012 FSA funds or preparing to put away their 2013 funds.  Keep those FSA referrals coming in so that we can take care of your patients' laser vision correction needs.

Hmmm ... In reviewing these pictures, it makes it seem like Nicole and I only visited Asian male docs on Friday.  That was not planned.  : )  - jw

Sterling and Falls Church, VA