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Winchester, VA

posted Aug 30, 2012, 6:56 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Aug 30, 2012, 6:58 PM ]
Wow, was I impressed with just how nice everyone was in Winchester, Virginia!  No one honked at us at intersections.  People said hi ... with a smile!  I think I am still in complete shock!

What a beautiful drive out to Winchester. 

Nicole and I had a chance to visit with Dr. Cheryl Robson.  On our way to her office, we actually had quite the close encounter with a deer randomly crossing a road, but Dr. Robson easily topped our story with impressive ones of her own.  Eight deer in your backyard at one time ... and none of them scared of you or your moving car!

Next, we met with a new Affiliate, Dr. Jeff Lynn.  Dr. Lynn is new to the area, and he recently joined the Virginia Optometric Association. 

Dr. Chip Stine practices with an ophthalmology office.  Their office was huge, to say the least.  I learned that the office building is actually the result of joining two houses together.  I do love learning the history of things.

It was great to see Dr. Peter Hong in his practice.  Previously, he has been to TLC Tysons Corner for a site visit and for a CE, so reciprocating the visit was fun.  He had just gotten done referring a patient before we got there!

We ended the day with a visit to Dr. Bruce Keenan's office.  What a great re-modeling for the new office.  Let's get a consult night going as soon as the back-to-school season ends!

Thanks to everyone for being so nice in Winchester.  Reminded me of being back home in Texas!  - jw

Winchester visit