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Dr. Omar Chaudhary Speaks at TLC Rockville CE Series

posted Oct 18, 2013, 5:04 PM by Jen Weigel   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 5:05 PM ]

From our guest blogger, Dr. Jim Smeriglio, TLC Rockville Clinical Director:

Omar Chaudhary, MD from Champlain Ophthalmology spoke to a full house at TLC Rockville last night.  Dr. Chaudhary attended the Yale School of Medicine and most recently completed in a Cornea and External Disease Fellowship at the prestigious University of Southern California, Doheny Eye Institute.  His lecture on Herpetic Eye Disease was well received by the attending ODs.

Dr. Chaudhrey’s lecture covered the life cycle and transmission of the herpes simplex and zoster viruses.  Through case studies, the ocular manifestations and clinical differences were outlined as well as how to differentiate from some mimickers such as acanthamoeba.

Probably the most interesting case was the 28yo female, 4 months pregnant, IOP of 38, corneal dendritic lesions, 2+ Descemet’s folds, 6 cells per HPF in AC. Also has dry eyes currently on Restasis.  What do you do?

I could answer that you should have been at the lecture.  But to be nice, the correct answer is:


Stop Restasis

Start Valtrex 1gm BID

Hold off steroids until epithelium starts healing

Initiate glaucoma drops to control IOP (avoid prostaglandins, oral acetazolamide)

All drops with punctal occlusion to reduce systemic absorption

After epithelium starts heals, can start Prednisolone 4x/day depending on amount of inflammation remaining.