New Affiliate Program

Whether you are new to the profession or just new to the area, our New Affiliate Program is designed to welcome you into our family.

Information Packet

This packet was designed to provide all the information you will need to start referring patients for refractive surgery immediately. You will receive a hard copy of this information to keep as easy reference in your office. We've also provided the information here in case you need access to the info while out of the office.

- Pre- and post-op patient instructions can be found here.

- Pre- and post-op forms can be found in the same area as the instruction sheets.

- Keep our important contact information handy and reach out to us often.

- Pre- and post-op parameters and tips to keep in mind can be found here.

- Types of procedures offered and general pricing information is located HERE.

TLC Tysons Corner Office Tour and Shadowing

Once you've had a chance to review our materials, get further acquainted with the TLC Tysons Corner team by visiting our brand new office! Come once, twice, three times ... how many ever times you'd like ... to see what your patients experience on their visits, get your very own Pentacam done and review the results with Dr. Holzman, see him in action while he prepares patients for surgery, and watch him perform magic in the surgical suite. You're sure to have a blast on your visit ... or you'll get your money back!

Once you visit our office, check back to this website to see pictures of your big day. Then, share your excitement with everyone else. We're certainly doing the same!

Continued contact and outreach

Once you become part of our Affiliate Network, you will have constant access to us via any form of communication that fits you best. Don't be afraid to ask us for help, advice, or information. We are always here for you!

Joan, our Professional Relations Consultant, will be visiting your office regularly to make sure you are updated on the latest TLC Tysons Corner happenings. There are many times where either Dr. Holzman or Dr. Weigel will attend visits with her, too. Joan will introduce you to lead cards which is a way for us to do the hard work of keeping track of your patients who are interested in refractive surgery. She can also help you organize a consult night where Dr. Holzman and/or Dr. Weigel help you screen patients in your own office. What a great promotional and educational idea!

Remember: Our goal is to help you build a successful refractive surgery co-management practice. Membership in our New Affiliate Program is free. The benefits are priceless.

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