And, we're back!

All TLC Centers had been closed for as a precaution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But, now we have re-opened after implementing heavy safety and cleaning protocols.  Believe me, there are a TON of protocols that the entire staff has been diligently implementing for every patient ever day! 

TLC Tysons opened on 6/1/20.

TLC Charlottesville opened 6/8/20.

TLC Rockville will open on 7/1/20.

TLC DC will open on 7/6/20.

TLC Gainesville will open the week of 7/6/20.  Remember they are open Tuesday and Thursday only.

All paperwork, lead submissions, contact information is the same as before, so you guys should know the drill on getting patients interested in LASIK to us.

Thank you!!


Welcome to OD Central!

When OD Central was first launched in the Summer of 2011, it was primarily created for TLC Tysons Corner Affiliates.  The original idea for this website actually came to me much earlier.  I was filling in at a local office and was seeing a patient for a post-op LASIK visit.  I could not find the TLC post-op sheet anywhere, and I thought to myself, "I wish I had a website where I could just download this form!"  And, at that moment, the basis for OD Central was born.

In the Fall of 2012, Dr. Holzman officially became the Regional Medical Director for TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, AND Charlottesville.  OD Central is now expanding to serve the valuable Affiliates from the Rockville and Charlottesville areas. 

As a TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville Affiliate, you and your patients are our top priority.  We hope that this useful tool will bring all of your TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville materials into one place for easy access by you and your staff. 

O.D. Central will offer you direct access to the most updated information about TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville.  Our goal is to offer you another tool to keep in touch with us and make ourselves more accessible to you, a valued member of our trusted network of Affiliates!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve O.D. Central, just email me at  Oh, and feel free to bookmark this page today and visit us frequently!  (hint, hint)


Jen Weigel, OD, FAAO
TLC Tysons Corner Clinical Director