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Company History

For the past 10+ years, Dr. Andrew Holzman and his group at TLC Tysons Corner have been your trusted go-to team for laser vision correction. Dr. Holzman has been a leading expert in LASIK, PRK, and CK, both in our DC region and across the country. In his over twenty years of experience as a corneal sub-specialist, he has helped over 50,000 people achieve greater success in both their professional and personal lives by helping them see better.

Each member of Dr. Holzman's team is dedicated to providing excellent care to your referred patients. That sounds kind of like a generic statement, doesn't it? Not until you see the TLC Tysons Corner team in action for yourself!

In Fall 2012, Dr. Holzman became Regional Medical Director for three TLC surgical centers -- Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville. Congratulations, Dr. Holzman! To keep up with his growing fan base, OD Central is also expanding to include these centers.

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Our Service Approach

It's easy to get into the habit of referring your laser vision correction patients to Dr. Holzman and his team at TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville. You expect that your patient will receive excellent care while they are in our office, you know that they will have excellent post-operative results, and you trust that your patient will remain just that: your patient!

Referring your patients to TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville is a good addiction, but sometimes it's nice to remind yourself of what exactly is is that makes this group unique. Here are the Top 5 Reason why TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville has been able to earn your trust over the past decade:

1. An experienced team with over 100 years of combined experience in eye care. While everyone here has significant experience with laser vision correction, no one is going through the motions with your pateint. They become fully invested in each patient interaction so that your patient understands why you trust Dr. Holzman and his dedicated team.

2. A dedication to refractive surgery co-management. Haven't you ever found yourself referring at patient to an ophthalmologist and then suddenly realized that you haven't seen that patient in a while? Or, has your patient ever just shown up in your chair a few years since their last visit having had LASIK in the meantime? This has happened to all of us at one time or another. If you proactively discuss laser vision correction with your patients and educate them on how you refer to TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville then you maintain control over the doctor-patient relationship. When referring to us, we promise to return the patient to you for post-operative care and future comprehensive eye examinations.

3. Easy access to your TLC team whenever you need us. Call us, visit us, email us, text us, Skype us. As a trusted Affiliate Doctor, you have 24/7 access to us 365 days a year. Whenever you need us, just reach out and let us know what is going on. Maybe you just want to ask a quick question or maybe you have a more complicated case you are managing ... just keep us in the loop by contacting us ... or update us when we visit you in your office.

4. Nationwide Lifetime Commitment. If you've lived in the DMV area long enough, you realize that moving is part of the lifestyle here. A lot of patients are here for a year or two and then off to new experiences elsewhere. The great thing for our shared patients is that they can have their primary procedure here with Dr. Holzman, and should they ever need an enhancement, their Lifetime Commitment travels with them no matter where they live! That's a great comfort for most people.

5. Dedicated Professional Relations Consultants. Our PRC team has also grown in 2012. The definitive PRC for the entire national TLC team is Joan Reich! When we were at the national meeting together, they basically had built a shrine for her that all the other new PRCs worship her. Literally no one else has a person like Joan on their team to visit you in your office on a regular basis to update you on TLC happenings and help you build your refractive surgery co-management practice. Joan was integral in introducing the lead card system to TLC Affiliates and her coordinated consult nights are always a boost for practices. In 2012, we were lucky enough to have Nicole Lowry join our team. She and Joan work seamlessly to help referring Affiliates with everything at TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville. Initially, Nicole was assigned to Tysons Corner and Charlottesville areas. In the Fall of 2012, she expanded her territory to include Rockville-area doctors.

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Proven Track Record

When you trust your patient with TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville your patient will receive a first-class experience. We are dedicated to properly and ethically advising on proper candidacy for any of our procedures. We sincerely promote our close relationship with your office so that your patient will feel comfortable with us. We carefully explain the pre- and post-operative schedules, informed consent, and financial details so that each patient arrives in your chair fully aware of what they are supposed to do (a chairtime saver!). We are always available to you for questions at any time in any communication method that works best for you.

And, let's not forget Dr. Holzman's proven surgical track record. With over 50,000 procedures under his belt ... wait, he wears scrubs without belts ... you get my drift ... he has shown you consistency in surgical results. When you look at the corneas after surgery, they are almost always pristine. When your patients looks at the world through those new eyes, their smiles say it all.

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At TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville you have a team that is all about making you and your patients happy. Make use of us in whatever way is needed. Always feel like you can contact us about anyone or anything related to laser vision correction. Remember to keep us in mind when you have a patient interested in top-quality refractive surgery by an experienced and innovative surgeon. A partnership with TLC Tysons Corner, Rockville, and Charlottesville means that everyone involved will be a winner.

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