Please be patient as we update this site to show what's going on at Holzman Laser Vision.

The information below has not yet been updated but still provides generally applicable information.

Holzman Laser Vision proud to offer a variety of services for your patients. Dr. Andrew Holzman performs all corneal procedures.


LASIK will use FS200 as femtosecond laser for flap creation.

LASIK and PRK will use EX500 as excimer laser for corneal reshaping. We offer these two advanced laser profiles: wavefront optimized and topography-guided laser profiles. Not all patients can meet the strict requirements for topography-guided treatment. The decision to perform WFO vs TG treatment is made during the treatment planning stage after consultation and pre-op evaluations are completed.


CXL procedures are performed at our Chantilly consultation center. Post-operative care can be performed at the Chantilly office, as your patients will need frequent Pentacam corneal topography scans to monitor progress. Affiliates can do pre-operative management for CXL (similar to that of LASIK/PRK) and also contact lens fitting (usually at about 3-months post-op).

There is potential to do topography-guided PRK in conjunction with CXL. Not all KCN patients are candidates for TG-PRK. TG-PRK attempts to regularize the irregular KCN cornea. It is not meant for elimination of refractive error.


ICL is performed by Dr. Jonathan Solomon in his Bowie, MD, surgical center. There is an option for same-day bilateral PI and ICL.

Affiliates can do pre-operative care (similar to that of LASIK/PRK). Surgical centers will do one-day and one-week post-op visits and then return to Affiliate for balance of post-operative care. Remember to dilate patients at 3-6 months, just as you would do for post-op cataract surgery patients.

Corneal Topography

We can perform corneal topography for your patients to help you rule out corneal pathology. If you desire this, please contact the center directly to schedule this. You'll have to tell us how you want the information sent to you and also if you want your patient to have scans only or also be seen by a Holzman Laser Vision doctor to review results of the scans.

RLE and Cataract Surgery

Holzman Laser Vision does not offer RLE or cataract surgery at this time, but check back because this is on our horizon.


Note that we no longer offer CK procedure for patients.


Note that we no longer offer KAMRA inlay (or any corneal inlay) procedure for patients.

Presbyopic options are: spectacles for intermediate/near work; myopic monovision.

We do not offer hyperopic monovision or multifocal laser treatment.