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Please be patient as we update this site to show what's going on at Holzman Laser Vision.

As of today, October 16, 2021, we are very excited to announce that Holzman Laser Vision is officially open for business!!

We are now able to schedule your patients for consultations at our temporary offices in Northern Virginia and Rockville, MD!

There are several options for handling this:

  • Please feel free to contact us or have your patients contact us directly at: Holzman Laser Vision at 855-995-2745.

  • Alternatively, please feel free to email us or have your patients email us at PatientConsultant@HolzmanLaserVision.com and we will be happy to follow up.

We look forward to co-managing the care of your patients with you! We will have Holzman Laser Vision pre and post op forms, referral pads, brochures, signs, etc. out to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to use the Referral Form or use your own forms and fax or email them to:

  • FAX: 571-934-3937; or

  • Email: PatientConsultant@HolzmanLaserVision.com

A big THANK YOU to those of you who have already had your patients contact us! Your continued support and confidence is very appreciated!

Kind Regards,

Dr. Andy Holzman





Welcome to OD Central!

When OD Central was first launched in the Summer of 2011, it was primarily created for TLC Tysons Corner Affiliates. The original idea for this website actually came to me much earlier. I was filling in at a local office and was seeing a patient for a post-op LASIK visit. I could not find the TLC post-op sheet anywhere, and I thought to myself, "I wish I had a website where I could just download this form!" And, at that moment, the basis for OD Central was born.

Now, in the Fall of 2021, we're transitioning to support referring doctors of Holzman Laser Vision.


Jen Weigel, OD, FAAO