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Treatment sheet - 2020 - Treatment sheet has been updated to reflex new steroid eye drops: Inveltys for LASIK and Flarex for PRK.

TLC Lifetime Commitment - Details of TLC Lifetime Commitment

PRK post-op medication schedule.pdf - Primary PRK schedule differs from previous versions in that: topical NSAID is decreased; FML tapered over 2 weeks; and Muro 128 is used at least one week post-BCL removal.

PRK ENHANCEMENT and CXL post-op medication schedule.pdf - PRK Enhancement and CXL post-op are the same. Both use a 6-week FML taper (which is different from primary PRK). Compared to previous schedules that we have used, topical NSAID use is decreased and Muro 128 is used post-BCL removal for at least one week.

PRK and PRK ENHANCEMENT pre-op medication schedule.pdf - PRK and PRK enhancement pre-op is the same as previous.

Pre-PRK drop schedule - Note the changes: Flarex as steroid of choice. Schedules for primary PRK and enhancement PRK are now the same with 2-week steroid course.

Pre-LASIK drop schedule - Note the change: Inveltys as steroid of choice.

Pre-CXL drop schedule - No changes to CXL schedule as of now.

Post-PRK drop schedule - Note the change: Flarex as steroid of choice.

Postop form - 2020 - Turn in all post-ops, but specifically include UCVA, MR, and BCVA on 1 month and 3 month post-ops. Check IOP at 1 week LASIK and 2 weeks PRK, not before.

Post-LASIK drop schedule - Note the change: Inveltys as steroid of choice.

Post-CXL drop schedule - No changes made to CXL schedule as of now.

Ophthalmology Times Article - Discusses why Dr. Holzman uses Muro 128 in patient management

LASIK pre-op medication schedule.pdf - LASIK pre-op no longer uses topical NSAID.

LASIK post-op medication schedule.pdf - LASIK post-op no longer involves use of topical NSAID or loading dose of antibiotic. The topical steroid is used for one week instead of the previous 9 days.

LASIK/PRK Co-Mx Guidelines 2018 - Guidelines for co-managing LASIK/PRK patients. If you have questions, please call.

ICL checklist.pdf - Spherical and Toric ICL are now FDA-approved.